Mountain of Wolves – London, Ontario’s newest soul-inspired rock & roll band – endlessly excels at engaging audiences from small-town bars to packed concert halls. Their enormous on-stage personality is mirrored by a similarly large and exhilarating sound. Mountain of Wolves’ sound is reminiscent of living rock & roll legend Jack White, with a healthy dose of 1960s soul and finished with a classic instrumentation one might find listening to The Band or The Doors.

With the release of their debut twelve-song LP – Poison – Mountain of Wolves, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Richard Gracious, bassist Michael Middleton, keyboardist Will O’Donnell, and drummer Brent Hebert, has defined their future as one of the most energetic and powerful up and coming Canadian rock & soul acts.

Onstage, the band takes on an almost otherworldly energy. Gracious’ massive vocal range repeatedly silences audiences, reminding listeners that Mountain of Wolves is more than a rock band; these four musicians create a show which contains aspects of many genres, including soul, rock and roll, alternative and even folk. Nevertheless, it is the boundless energy of their performances that audiences remember most clearly. “You can only find your limits if you push yourself to the absolute max.” says Gracious. The energy may begin with the frontman, but it certainly doesn’t end there. All four members finish their shows drenched in sweat, and often beer, and seem able to create something more than the sum of their parts