Eat This Drink This

Single Mothers Single







This Sunday Single Mothers will be back at Call The Office. My latest favourite song they dropped – East Van Band Van – has been a non-stop tour song in our own band van. The lyrics are relatable to anyone who has ever had to tour or live in a van for any amount of time. I remember reading about Drew living in his van behind CTO. After having toured across Canada from BC – PEI in a van I can relate to feelings of the van being your home. We call it vanphobia, where you don’t want to be in the van anymore, let alone see it, after spending days and weeks with the van as your only constant in the ever-changing Canadian landscape.

This songs lyrics and catchy chorus are what really hooked me in and kept me listening 100 times over. The line “It’s a pretty good cut of the night man, you better not disappoint” really describes the feeling of going into a new city, not knowing the bar staff or your audience and the struggles all bands face – being the new kids in a town of strangers you’re hoping to impress or at least leave an impression.

The intro riff played by Justic Krar paired with the lofi vocals of Drew Thomson sets you up for the punch in the face that Single Mothers always delivers. A perfectly placed and tasteful drum fill  played by Brandon Jagersky introduces the chorus that  kicks in fast and hard, making you want to sing and shout along. Ross Miller holds down the bass keeping everything in place creating a very full mix and enjoyable listen overall.

Single Mothers will be at Call The Office in London Ontario on June 18th, tickets are $15. Come for the show, stay for Retro!

– Richard Gracious

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